Jaggery Powder 1 LB (Resealable)

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ur delicious Jaggery Powder is made from only one ingredient (jaggery or palm sugar) with no preservatives, fillers, sweeteners, etc. It is made from freshly ground Jaggery grown in India and nothing else!

Jaggery is an all natural sweetener that is becoming popular as a healthy replacement for sugar. It is known in many different regions as Gur or Panela but it is also very similar to other products from around the world known as Piloncillo, Tapa Dulce, Namtan Tanode, Gula Melaka, and Kokuto. It is known in English as Palm Sugar.

Our Jaggery is special because it is granulated, making it much easier to use than the traditional blocks of jaggery. Easily add to your deserts, coffees, milk, drinks and no need to struggle with breaking off blocks giving you the wrong proportions.